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Prime Rib & Steaks

All Prime Rib & Steak Dinners are prepared with the finest Harris Ranch Beef provided locally by The Butcher Shop in Old Town Tehachapi. Each are served with vegetables and your choice of Rice Pilaf or Potato. Add a Soup or Salad for just $3 more. 
See our Steak Preparation Guide below for help in ordering the perfect steak Learn More

Jake's Steak Preparation Guide

  • Rare: Lightly Seared on the outside, red & cool inside. Loose to the touch
  • Medium Rare: Warm, red center with a springy firmness.
  • Medium: hot, pink center with a slight firmness
  • Medium Well: Fully cooked with a hint of pink in the center, firm to the touch
  • Well Done: Brown center, very firm to the touch